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Minecraft is known for the uniqueness of the game Graphics. Music and sounds in the game and the concept when they first launch the 1st edition of Minecraft back in 2009. They introduce us to the game and in 2011 officially begin the game.

It has been almost ten years until the game launch but still. The trend of the Minecraft game is not dead, and again, it is trending on Youtube. Right now famous Youtuber like Pewdipie is playing this version of the game in her videos.

Minecraft is an open-world game Adventure game, and it offers you to choose from 4 roles. Survival, Adventure,  Hardcore, and Creative. You can build your world in this game and enjoy every second of it. You can make what you like and also make your dream houses in the game.

Minecraft APK Specification

App NameMinecraft Apk
Updated on20 July 2019
Downloads900,000,000+ downloads
APK Size86 MB
Content Rating4+
CategoryAction, Adventure, Open World
Android version required1.15
MOD Featuresfree


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