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Minecraft A.P.K. Earth Edition is the best fun game of all Minecraft Editions. New skins, Infinite exploring in virtual worlds, survival upgrades, and everything from the ground to skyscraper castles with similar console grade graphics. Play and build your crafting skills with new weapons and fend off the dangerous mods multiplayer with your friends.

Minecraft A.P.K.

Minecraft Apk

Minecraft is known for the uniqueness of the game Graphics. Music and sounds in the game and the concept when they first launch the 1st edition with a classic theme back in 2009. They introduce us to the game and in 2011 officially begin the game.

It has been almost ten years until the game launch but still. The trend of this game is expanding, and again, it is trending on Youtube. Right now famous Youtuber like Pewdipie is playing this version of the game in her videos.

It is an open-world game full of adventure in virtual Earth, and it offers you to choose from 4 roles: survival, Adventure,  Hardcore, and Creative. You can build your world in this game and enjoy every second of it. You can make what you like and also make your dream houses in the game.

1. New Creative Mode

Most of the Players in Creative mod build Castles and big Hoses with Pools and Play them. But Minecraft Earth makes these things more attractive. You need to collect some essentials and survive challenges to access tools and crafts. Wood, Stones, and other stuff help you build houses and upgrades your avatar with a new level.

You have to find these materials in the game, and when you see them, you can build and upgrade everything. Whatever you want and enjoy the game and show your expertise in the designer field.

The game also provides some modern as well as some old Architect designing to design your house or castle in the game.

In the creative mode, you become an engineer of your imaginations. Build something that you want to remember and challenge it to a friend. This way you can enjoy much better gameplay then you anticipated.

2. Earth Adventure Mode

In this mode the game became limited, and in this mode, you get damage level as well as you are not allowed to destroy blocks or buildings with your tools. You have to eat something because in this mode you can also die from hunger.

Maps in the game also became limited, and you need to kill others to survive, and you can see also rade with the villagers in the game to stay this is necessary. It is more like a real-life, and you have survived yourself.

3. New Survival Mode

Survival is the most fun mode in the game because you have to collect materials and build forts and make your world more diverse and also explore new areas. On the map and you also have to explore new areas and explore other places.

In this mode, you can build yourself tools by collecting some unique materials. It is like an old era where people use wood and stone to make their tools, and you have to do the same thing in this mode.

4. Minecraft Mode

As mention by the name of this mode New Earth. In this mode, the game became more laborious, and some unique features are locked like extra life when you die there will be no life, and you have to play very actively to survive this mod.

Minecraft 2

Minecraft 2

After the release of the 1st edition, they realize the craziness of this game. The success got them thinking about future projects, and they started work on the second edition. Which is also really famous and known as Minecraft 2?

The 1st edition of the game has some graphics and some general errors in it. But they solved all these things in their next Minecraft 2 update for the users. This lego world game also partnered with the other brands and expended further.

On the topic of the music’s minimalism, Rosenfeld has stated that it was “unavoidable”, as “it has a terrible sound engine”.

But in 2019 lego introduced Bigfigs which are Big brick-built figures based on Minecraft mobs similar to lego construction figures like Bionicle, Knights kingdom II, etc. So far there have been 3 Bigfigs released consisting of Bigfig steve with a parrot, Bigfig Alex with chicken, and Bigfig skeleton with magma cube series to be released in 2020.

Minecraft pe game story is unique and something new because you can also go underwater and swim and build a building or whatever you want to develop.

In 3 modes of the game except for the creative way you also find some monsters and other hunters. You have to fight with them and kill them; otherwise, they will kill you.

You can also choose what of life you want to live in the game like a farmer. In the latest update, they also have introduced these features that you can become a farmer and grow fields. Build your house and garden in front of your home.Fs

If you are not that type of person and want to play Minecraft for free some Adventure Second edition, then you can also explore the map because the map is enormous. And you can explore the forests, villages, and much more.

But you need to collect materials and build yourself weapons. To protect yourself on your journey. The Minecraft Earth update has so many extra features given to you as compared to the free version of the game.

Pros and Cons
  • Free of Cost
  • Updated
  • Free Skins
  • New Mods includes Maps
  • Unofficial Mods.

Minecraft New A.P.K. Specification

NameMinecraft A.P.K.
Updated September 2020
Downloads9m+ downloads
A.P.K. SizeUnder 100 MB
Content Rating5+
CategoryAction, Adventure, Open World
Android version recommended10.0
MOD FeaturesFree

Minecraft Pocket Edition A.P.K.

minecraft pocket edition

Sandbox game developers build this awesome game and the main person behind this concept and Project is Markus Persson, and the 1st edition of the game is released by the Mojang back in 2011. After that, it got many updates, and a new edition,s also added, and all of them got success. Minecraft Pocket Edition is also one of them.

It has nothing unusual in it but still got some extra things in it like minor updates and features and storyline.

The edition is released for the mobile, and it is a mobile version of the game. But later on, the developers make this edition available for window ten and other gaming platforms also.

Leading developer of Minecraft pocket edition Mojang ab team, and they partner with the bedrock team.

They have also added some new zombies and predators in this edition and day and night features. At night it is the time when the monsters come to you, and you have to hide in the houses to Protect yourself from them; otherwise, they will hunt you.

You can fight with the giant dragons also, but for this, you have to choose a hardcore mode to compete with them. The big dragon name is (The Boss Ender Dragon). These features make the game so much fun for the new Players as well as the Previous Players.

The game’s most challenging mode is hardcore because, in this mode, the Players get the most challenges. Also, it is the Most Popular mode on youtube because the famous gamer Youtuber Pewdipie is even playing Minecraft nowadays days and he is fighting with the dragon. Compete with other top players and reach the pro level in minimal time.

Minecraft Apk Gameplay

Minecraft New Features

  • Free Premium Maps for all the mods in the beginning.
  • All Premium Skins for free.
  • Get free Tools without worrying about Material.
  • Your Inventory size is enormous.
  • Kill enemies by one hit (Power kill).
  • Free Points in the game.
  • Your tools will not be destroyed.
  • Maximum health always.
  • And without any damage mod.
  • New Premium Materials and tools
  • Latest Update Flowers and things.

Minecraft Pocket Edition AppMinecraft Pocket Edition app

Android and Mobile version of the game is free, and you can easily install the Pocket edition app from here. The best part about this Minecraft pocket edition apk is that you will get so many extra things with it like free Premium new latest maps. And the free skins that not a lot of Peoples have them.

For Android, you can download game from Playstore or any other store, Mostly they are not free, and they want you to purchase their app. But we will give you M.P.E. latest app for free. Free skins and story mode also added to this, and some extra characters are also added to it like monsters and free unlimited skins in it.

All these free features that we gave you are not free they cost some extra money and it did not want you to download apk and want that you purchase their app. So Please share this website with your friends on social media because we provide you with all of this for free and we want yo to help us sharing this.

Minecraft apk offers the latest version of the game and also Provides all significant updates in the future, and for this, you need to click on the bell icon given on this page to get all significant updates.

To check about the skins you need to check the New free skins section on this page, and from there you will get all the latest and greatest skins and yes they are also free of cost.

Other features are also excellent you get some extra features like power boost and power punch.

Minecraft Earth Free Skins

Minecraft free Skins

You will also get Earth Free Skins and these skins worth the money to get them you will get all of them for free. These skins have so many characters which also include girls in it like short hair girl, Backing girl these are so famous in the girls right now.

For boys also Minecraft Free Skins for Minecraft Earth have so much to offer like John wick, Lara croft, Ghost, Vampire, fireman, etc. are famous in the boys. If you need help to install unlimited free skins you can also comment on this page, and we will help you in this matter.

Every month this game releases free skins fro players, so many new skins for the players as well as other developers also contribute to this, and they also publish them on their websites. Because f this there are so many skins that no one can count them. If you are a real Mcpe apk fan, you have to comment at least 30 skin names in the comment so we will find out about the real fans of the game and communicate with them.

You can also create your character, but for this, you need some skills to do so. It requires some graphics and Programming expertise for this kind of work but if you want we can also build some type of generator from which you can develop your favourite skins in it, but you need to tell us 1st so comment below.

Minecraft Adventure Map

We also give you a free adventure map with this because bigger plans are better than smaller ones. So you need to click on Download Button and Install this app on your device and enjoy free Earth Adventure Map.

This is the new Minecraft 2020 Update, and you will get so many new features in it. Which also includes new H.D. graphics and larger big maps. The new skins introduced by Mojang are also Present in this file. New Tools and Maps extra graphics like sun day and night also have so many recent improvements.

In the new map, new monsters on the way and new animals are also included in it, and some of them are surprised for you. The latest update has just enrolled up, and the fans are so much happiness and joy with the new features and surprises.

These newly updated maps have new mountains and lakes also in the game. The graphics of the hills, Stones, and Rivers are improved, and they look so good as compared to other games of 2019.

Minecraft Download

Minecraft Download

Download the latest version for free and enjoy all the Premium features for free like Free Mine Coins. Get free Skins and so many other things and some of the famous skins like Lara croft skin and different skins for girls and boys both and build your new life in the game. And enjoy your life in the life of legos and build your dream house to make your village trade with the villagers. Grow you’re own crops and expand your territory and enjoy a simple life.

Soon you will play this game in V.R. and explore the mountains and the life of imaginary virtual life. The new maps added to the game in the latest update will give you a unique experience. We also provide a video on this page. Please watch this video to understand better what we are saying and what’s new in the game.

Downloading with a direct link is given below, and you can download from there. Enjoy the game but please don,t forget to provide us with feedback on our site. So in the future, we will provide you with the new Updated version of the game.

Minecraft’s download gives you the file link, and you need to install this file on your Pc or Android device and enjoy the P.E. game for free. Just click on the given link on this page but don,t forget to comment on this page.

Download From Here:

Click on this button to start the Download Process.

Click here to download the game

Minecraft Realms


The Minecraft Realms is the Server Connected use for the Online Playing the game with your friends and family, and it cost around $8 a month, and you can Play with your friends and 11 People at a time.

eT games changed with time and introduced a new way of gaming. This system Realm costs the company about $2 Billion, and this is the main reason they sell the server access to the Players, and it is not free.

The Prices of this Server depends on you because you can buy it for three Players as well as for eleven Players. The regular Price for three Players is $3, and for eleven Players it will cost you $8. The person who buys the ServerServer has to pay for it other Players have to send a request and join the Party with Family or Friends in the latest edition.

The bedrock version allows players to join from Xbox One, IOS, Android, or Windows 10 to join online. This feature was introduced in big games like pubg, G.T.A., and others, and it changes the world of gaming.

The Process to join Realms is straightforward you need to create a game account then you can easily Participate in any invitation that you get. The online system to latest as compare to some other online games and it will allow you fast render and graphics.

The gaming on Minecraft Realms is enjoyable and makes. The games much more fun to Play with some of the special friends or family members. The caching speed of servers also really impressive and the flash drivers. Also updated, this is the reason for smooth gaming. The cost of game mod Realms Azure servers is enormous, and this is why the game company did not give this feature for free and ask for money.


1. Which Servers are Working now?

Lifeboat, InPVP

2. How to get free Minecraft Skins?

In this, apk free skins are added you need to download it.

3. What is the Bedrock version of the Minecraft?

This version is available and created for mobile users and Windows P.C. users to enjoy it.

4. How to get free Mine Coins?

Mine coins and game points you can officially Purchase. They from the game store but also this A.P.K. provides you with free Mine Coins.

5. Did Minecraft has Infinite Worlds?

Yes, it has an infinite world reality and now has new Earth. suppose you are Playing on XBOX or Nintendo Switch. Then you are going to get unlimited new Worlds in the game. Hen you finish the old maps in the game.

6. I own Minecraft Window 10 Edition So can I play it on Xbox One?

No, If you want to play it on Xbox, you have to purchase. The game 1st Because we did not Support Xbox directly.

7. Why are you adding Servers to the Minecraft?

Minecraft is not just a game it a huge Community. So we want them to socialize and communicate with each other and Play other mini-games created by the official Community. And enjoy their time so we need to add these Servers. To make this family happy and they can also enjoy playing this game online with their family or friends.

8. What are the Servers?

These Servers are created for the Xbox community and family. So they can connect with each other and Play Online with friends and family. To connect, you need Xbox Account to join this community and can benefit from the Community. And enjoy other things also like 1st one to get updates and skins, Maps, etc.

9. Why I need an Xbox Account to Join?

To join the ServerServer,s, and the Community you need a live Xbox account. Because the live account helps us to identify your purchase and makes our servers secure. And help the Xbox team and the server management to better understand. The Purchases of the game and identity of the Player.

10. Where are Invite Links?

The Invite link feature is only available for P.C. and the Mobile Version. Which is launched in 2017 and still, we are working on this feature to provide this for Xbox users also?

My Thoughts

Minecraft Apk Android is an awesome game to play which will help you to spend your extra quality time. This game offers so many things to do and because of this ou will definetly enjoy it. Also you can Play this game with your friends and family also. The game has some architech features which will help you to experience your skills in the game. The game is in trending on social media,s and all the platforms. So you can also record yourself playing the game. The missions and obsticles in the game are also so much fun. And you can choose from the special four mods to play and enjoy it and experience.

Final Words

What you can do in this game is a classic adventer. A first person or a farmer theme, things gets interesting when farming. In the world of imaginations are limitless and it is up to your thinking you can become a hunter and become something else. The materials you collect helps you build new things like weapons and tools. Architech castles or build modern apartments or anything you like. The game free to implement ideas understandable by you. Enjoy the game and share us.

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