Having been lured there by Elec, Frieza finally makes an appearance on Planet Cereal, where Gas plans to kill him : Mangamefi

Moro is a wanted criminal, and the Galactic Patrol has asked Goku and Vegeta to find him and bring him in. Moro eventually wins out in New Namek and is able to restore his strength with the help of the Dragon Balls that the locals there have in their possession. Once he has these Dragon Balls, he uses them to break all of the prisoners kept by the Patrol. When Goku and Vegeta are busy preparing for their rematch, Moro and the other convicts break out and cause havoc. In the time that Vegeta is away on Planet Yardrat, Goku has trained himself to use Ultra Instinct anytime he wants. Once Moro’s army arrives on Earth, Goku’s companions put up a battle to gain time for Goku and Vegeta to arrive and destroy Moro. As a last resort, Moro has threatened to become one with Earth and therefore annihilate himself. Once Goku has fused the power of Vegeta’s enhanced skills with his own, he can beat Moro and rescue the planet.

When Goku and Vegeta got back together with Whis and Beerus, they picked right back up where they left off in their training. Meanwhile, Cerelian mercenary Granolah hears through his bosses the Heeters that Frieza is still alive. In a sacred pledge, Granolah swears he will destroy Frieza and get vengeance for his planet, Cereal. Granolah gives his everything so that his home planet’s Dragon Balls may become him the most powerful warrior in the universe. With their influence, the Heeters pit Goku and Vegeta against Granolah. Even though Goku and Vegeta are improving their abilities as a consequence of their fight with Granolah—and Vegeta is even able to transform into a new form of her Ultra Ego—Granolah still manages to defeat them. Namekian Monaito, Granolah’s foster father, stops him at the perfect moment to reveal that Bardock, Goku’s father, had saved them forty years before, during Frieza’s invasion of Cereal. Since Monaito now knows this, he will not order their assassination. Mother Granolah, Muezli, was killed by the Heeters, who were also responsible for the destruction of Cereal, during the attack. Bardock saved Monaito and Granolah from the clutches of the youngest Heeter Gas by defeating him.

Current events see Granolah, Monaito, Goku, and Vegeta facing certain death at the hands of Heeters Oil, Maki, and Gas. Gas wished to become the most powerful warrior in the universe, and the Cerealian Dragon granted his request. While Vegeta goes to get a Senzu bean, Gas easily defeats Granolah and Goku. Vegeta gave the bean to Granolah, who then challenged Gas and soundly defeated him. Gas’s skills were restored as soon as Elec came and took the necklace off of him. Gas loses control briefly but, with Elec’s help, quickly regains it. To prevent Gas from attacking Cereal, Goku uses Instant Transmission to make Granolah and Vegeta defenseless. The four warriors, together with Monaito, would do well to rest in Granolah’s house after their fight. Monaito gives Goku Bardock’s scouter, which plays a recording of Bardock’s victory against Gas by sheer force of will.

After Granolah was injured, Monaito took care of him as Goku and Vegeta fought a resurrected Gas. They lose the war despite their best efforts, but Gas’ lifespan is drastically shortened because of it. In the end, Granolah returns, and it seems that he has defeated him. While Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah are tending to Monaito’s wounds, Gas return, now stronger but in worse shape than before, and deal out fatal blows. Monaito is cared after by Granolah as Goku and Vegeta fight Gas. The

It doesn’t work out for Goku and Vegeta. Frieza shows up on Planet Cereal

Having been lured there by Elec, Frieza finally makes an appearance on Planet Cereal, where Gas plans to kill him. Having spent the last

decade honing his skills in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Frieza wastes no time in

A decade of practice in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber has prepared Frieza to swiftly eliminate Gas and Elec. And then he reveals his latest transformation, Black

Goku and Vegeta are quickly defeated as he reveals his new form, Black Frieza. He leaves after recruiting Oil and

His departure comes after he has added Oil and Maki to his squad. As Whis reappears and treats Monaito, Goku and Vegeta are freed to return to the battle.

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